Could you sell your business in the time it takes to catch an elevator?

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2 min readOct 29, 2020


You run for the lift and low and behold there’s the prospect you’ve been trying to land for the last year. You’ve got 20–30 seconds to sell your business…

You open your mouth then pause. Where do you even begin?

Before you know it the lift doors open, your opportunity is walking away and you are left kicking yourself.

An elevator pitch is a succinct and compelling speech that can be used to generate curiosity in what your business does. You can also use it to create interest in a product — or even in yourself.

Having a good elevator pitch can help make the best of a brief encounter. It could be a perfect opportunity to make a first impression.

So, what makes a good elevator pitch?

It should be persuasive, memorable and succinct, lasting no longer than a short elevator journey, hence the name.

It should clearly and concisely explain exactly what makes you, your business, product or idea — unique’

When creating your elevator pitch make sure you know your target market. What do they want to know? What problem do they have and why should they let you fix it? Ensure you have set clear objectives for your business and know exactly what you are trying to achieve.

Your elevator pitch should avoid jargon and although rehearsed should be delivered naturally and enthusiastically. It is okay to vary it a little as you become more confident and to adapt according to your audience.

It should raise curiosity to find out more about you or your business and must include a call to action. For example, what do you want them to do next? Do they want to book in a meeting to discuss further? Should they take a look at your website? Having a business card to hand out at this point would be helpful.

Marketing Pace’s elevator pitch is:

Marketing Pace is an outsourced marketing department, providing a dedicated service to businesses that require marketing support. We provide professional consultancy around four key areas: business development, marketing strategy, campaign implementation and client mentoring. Our hands-on approach and practical advice ensures your marketing plan is created efficiently, executed successfully and the results are analysed subsequently.

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